Mike Fleming

Presenter of
Rubber Down
Bubble Up


If you had a chance to ask motorcycle dealers what they think of their beloved bikes and of their competitor’s brands what would you ask?

Starting in January 2018 Mike will be airing a series of in-depth interviews with the dealers who sell their bikes to the public day in, day out on his weekly motorcycle sports and news show Rubber Down Bubble Up.

We want your questions, the more the better. Simply click on the brand above and submit as many questions as you like on the brands that float your boat then listen to Mike as he put as many as he can to the people who live and breathe the things we ride and love.

Questions such as …

~ Supersport 600s, once the biggest selling sector in the UK is now dying or dead. Why and what’s going to replace them in the affections of the public?
~ What next for motorcycle emissions and how the marques plan to mitigate against performance loss?
~ Where is the next rider safety device going to come from?
~ Exactly what benefits does racing bestow on the bikes we ride everyday?
~ How are prices set and why are they always so close between brands?

Thanks for taking part, we really love hearing what’s on your mind and it’ll help make the show even better.