Classic Dirt Bike Magazine


Classic Dirt Bike Magazine is all about off-road power and prowess. It features news, reviews and reports on everything from pre-65 to twinshock and Evo in trials, scrambles, enduros and motocross.

Classic Dirt Bike is all about motorcycles made for the rough stuff and those who ride them.

Off-road events from across the world are given full coverage and legendary riders are interviewed too.

The magazine is illustrated with photographs of classic machines in action, both newly taken and from the extensive Publisher Archive.

Workshop guides are part of the package and technical features offer advice on how to get the best out of a classic dirt bike.

Take out a subscription to Classic Dirt Bike magazine, dealing with the thrilling world of classic off road sport. In every issue of a subscription to Classic Dirt Bike, the magazine looks behind the scenes at the legendary men and machines that have formed the worlds of motocross, trials and enduros worldwide. Each installment in your subscription to Classic Dirt Bike magazine covers everything from feature bikes, projects and stories from the sport’s glorious past and exciting present – all beautifully photographed and compellingly written. Classic Dirt Bike has become the world’s leading publication for fans of classic and twinshock sport. A Classic Dirt Bike magazine subscription belongs to a very special category. It is not for everyone, but for a selected few, who contemplates on the classic motocross, twinshocks, enduros and other classic bikes. A subscription to Classic Dirt Bike magazine is the best choice on information about Classic Dirt Bikes. You will also get advice on restoration and painting works. Also get information about classic racing machines, the jumpers and the skidders.

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