Redding ‘still needs to experiment’ with 2018 MotoGP Aprilia

Britain’s Scott Redding was relatively happy with his performance at the Sepang MotoGP test and says he is still having to experiment with a lot of settings and is not yet comfortable on the RS-GP.

The former Honda and Ducati rider left Malaysia in good spirits despite being more than two seconds off the pace but reckons that as soon as a couple of things are strung together, he should be in good shape.

“I’m quite happy now. The first two days were not too bad. I always say this test is a shakedown plus we have a new bike. I did the testing at the end of the year, got a bit of a feeling. We came here, got a bit of a feeling on the new bike again,” said Redding, speaking at Sepang.

“When we change suspension from one bike to the next, for Aleix I don’t think it was a big difference, but for me it was impossible to ride. So then it started: this, this and this. We tried many things. We have to find our way and that’s basically what we did. We struggled more with rear grip on the new bike than the old bike. But honestly at the end of the day we made a big step with settings for grip on the rear and it helped me find the grip. In that aspect I was quite happy.

“We got closer to the front, even though they were faster. We’re still far but I’m still not comfortable. If I was in a tow, I’d take three tenths. If three or four corners that I’m struggling with were right, another three tenths. I’m still new to the bike. I’m fresh.

“For Aleix and his side they know what works on the bike and what works for him. They know what angle he doesn’t like. For me, we’ve still got to find what’s right. When we have to go in an opposite direction to what they’ve done, it’s strange. But I’m willing to try it and I need to.

“I’ve always said every rider is different, and me in particular. I’m bigger and heavier, with a bit of a different style. I need to experiment. So that’s mainly what I’ve been doing. At the end of the test I was quite happy with the steps that we made. I’m happy with the new bike.”

Original Source – Bike Sport News