Road To Racing

Road To Racing – is the first publication of Marta Covioli and Diego Mola, both road racing fans and experts in their own fields.

The book covers the main events of the latest race seasons, lived first hand, becoming a personal and particular journey.

From the astonishing Irish Nationals to the Isle of Man and far-away China the races pictured are:

Tandragee 100

Cookstown 100

North West 200

Tourist Trophy

Armoy Road Races

Ulster GP

Macau GP

are all captured in words and pictures, describing from the inside the unique and exciting world of road races.

This is a journey through the narrow tracks, the muddy paddocks, through the eyes and mind of its protagonists, seven chapters, seven different road races.

The photo on the front cover is of Bruce Anstey on the starting grid a few seconds before the Superbike race at the Ulster Grand Prix.

Diego Mola says that “in returning from Ireland and looking at all the thousands of photos I took, I saw this one for the first time and there was no doubt that this was the photo of the cover of the book.

I showed the photo to Marta who immediately agreed with me, we tried other photos, they were good photos, but … it was not this one!

Those eyes closed looking for the right concentration, the look we can only imagine, the moment before running the fastest road race in the world, I seem to see the calm before the storm.

I hope that everyone who takes this book will understand the love and commitment that Martha and I have put into creating it and the love we feel towards these races”.

The Authors

Marta Covioli, born in Lecco (Italy) in 1985, has been a two wheels fan for a long time and in 2013 created the first and only Italian website entirely about road racing: Marta is the voice for some road racing TV programmes and DVDs.

Diego Mola, born in Turin (Italy) in 1979, has a degree in photography and for years has merged this passion with his other one: the love for racing. His website is a real photographic trip between MotoGP and BK paddocks and his speciality, pure Road Racing.

Road To Racing

The book is a hardcover, book jacket of 160 pages – with the text in Italian/English

Cost is €29,90 for orders and futher information contact –

Thursday evening 1st February 2018 at Moto Merchants Ltd Armagh sees a a presentation by author Marta Covioli and photographer Diego Mola to launch their new book launch ( which will be available to purchase too.)

Moto Merchants Ltd Road To Racing Book Launch

Road To Racing

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