Sepang MotoGP test: Engine spec the priority for HRC

HRC have given Britain’s Cal Crutchlow three bikes on day one of MotoGP testing at Sepang as the priority in Malaysia is to fix the engine specification for the rest of 2018.

Under the rules, engine development is not allowed as soon as the season begins, so Honda’s race chiefs are focusing on the motor this week at Sepang. What exactly Crutchlow has in each of the three bikes is being kept under wraps but crew chief Christophe Bourguignon revealed there is a lot of electronics work going on.

“The main priority for HRC is to make sure the engine spec is fixed because during the season you cannot change. Later you can always work on suspension and electronics. We have done some work on the chassis side and electronics also to evaluate some direction for HRC,” said Bourguignon.

“We are trying to extract the maximum performance from the engine with anti-wheelie and traction control. We know the engines have a lot of power but we have to get that to the ground with the right amount of spin for the rider.”

Original Source – Bike Sport News