Theft Awareness Ride – Hull

UK –This article highlights motorcycle theft outside of London and promotes a Motorcycle Theft Awareness Ride taking place this weekend – Sunday 15th April 2018 – in Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

The ride takes en route some of the major hotspots, of not just theft, but anti-social behaviour in Humberside, in other words outside the sphere of London motorcycle thefts, bike jacking and bike enabled crimes.

The Theft Awareness Ride main organisers Karl and Sharon Freebury, have the full support of Humberside Police.

Working together, the motorcycle community has been supportive to promote the police Operation Yellowfin #Opyellowfin in Hull, which aims to help reduce the theft of motorbikes and associated crimes.

Other Hotspots – On Another Page

First a quick look at the theft issue that are outside the sphere of London.

According to the Bristol Post in January – “More than a hundred bikers turned out to question a panel of high-ranking police officers and councillors on what they are doing to tackle prolific bike theft in Southmead and the wider Bristol area.” the meeting was set up by Bristol Bike Theft Awareness.

The Motorcycle Action Group reports that its Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, met Assistant Police & Crime Commissioner, Lynnette Kelly, this week to call for increased priority in tackling motorcycle crime, for greater partnership-working and tougher action against bike crime in the West Midlands.

MAG says the Freedom of Information figures received by them for the last quarter of 2017, show a 25 per cent reduction in motorcycle theft across the region when compared with the same period in 2016.

But figures for the last quarter of 2016 showed a massive spike, which seemed to coincide with the antisocial use of motorcycles around Halloween.

The group in the West Midlands partnered with West Midlands Police and Streetbike motorcycle dealership to hold a motorcycle security night in early April giving riders the opportunity to ask questions and make points directly to the Police and to highlight the issues of motorcycle crime and security to riders.

In Edinburgh Honda CRF 250cc motorcycles are being funded by the city council in an effort to combat anti-social behaviour and theft a squad of eight police officers will ne used to tackle the scourge plaguing streets and parks in Edinburgh. The officers will be equipped with “DNA” sprays with communication with officers with Stingers but the bikes will not be used in pursuits as it would only encourage the crazed yobs.

There seems to be the difference in concentration of bike theft tied in with anti-social behaviour compared to London?

London appears to be on another page as regards bike theft and enabled bike crime.

However, back to the Motorcycle Theft Awareness Ride taking place this weekend in Hull.

Motorcycle Theft Awareness Ride

The idea behind the theft awareness ride is to show the criminals that bikers stand together & are not alone as well as to show the general public that the vast majority of bikers are not those as sometimes depicted in the media as being anti-social.

Humberside Police, with the help of the local two & three wheel community with #Opyellowfin aims to reduce these thefts and the overall antisocial effect on the public.

Humberside Police comments, Operation Yellowfin revs up – Hull: How we’re reducing motorbike crime. Chief Inspector Paul Butler who is in charge of the operation said: “I would like to thank the motorbike community and associated businesses for participating in Operation Yellowfin. As a result of this engagement we’re really gathering momentum in our drive to cut motorbike crime.”

Op Yellowfin is about everyone pulling together under one umbrella to build confidence, intelligence and to help catch those causing issues within our communities. This includes those who are involved in theft or handling of stolen bikes, or those who just want to cause a nuisance.

There are a number of elements within Op Yellowfin including a large ‘ride out’ in Hull on Sunday April 15th involving the motorbike community who want to send the message out that enough is enough.

This event will be an opportunity for us to gather information and intelligence and to discuss what’s really happening in our city regarding motorbike or moped theft, while giving out safety and security advice.

This ride will mark the end of a week of messaging and action, starting from today, which will be the springboard for all of our future activities so we can serve our communities to make them safer and stronger.”

One of the complaints of those who have had their bikes stolen is a lack of support from the police. They want a crime number for insurance. Humberside police say that, “Our officers will support and offer advice to victims of motorcycle crimes who can be left distressed, out-of-pocket, inconvenienced, and without a means of transport.” although what that support entails perhaps needs a bit more clarification.

The Theft Awareness Ride has the full support of Humberside Police, Hull Highways, Hull City Council in helping the run to take place, the local and regional Motorcycle Action Group is helping by providing marshalls and attending meetings with authorities with many more giving their time and effort to make the ride happen.

Show your support as a true biker, scooterist, triker, moped rider or pillion – All size engines are welcome from 50cc upwards.

With this organised ride out we can see that where there are major pockets of theft and associated anti-social behaviour, there are pockets of active riders working with the authorities, willing to take the issue forward.

Details for Motorcycle Theft Awareness Ride are on Facebook

We would be amiss not to mention that the Motorcycle Action Group are asking riders to join their Awareness Ride – Motorcycle Matters – in London on Saturday 21st April 2018 which includes along with concerns on emission charges for motorcycles is calling for/that:

  • Your Local Authority should be doing more to make it safe to park your bike by supplying more motorcycle parking bays with security.
  • Manufacturers should be doing more to build in better security.
  • Insurance companies should not be punishing the owners.
  • The government should be doing more to support the Police in their fight against theft and increasing the penalties so that owners are not financially punished due to increased premiums.

MAG’s Motorcycle Matters Day of Action – Event On Facebook

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